Miriam MacMillan
Lemme introduce meself...I'm Mirrie10 things I love about myself...- Mama to a sh!tload of kids and they're all amazeballs (technical term)- Live on my very own boat in the middle of nowhere- Coffee is a part of my human identity- Released a book this year (Go buy it so I can buy more coffee)- Once had stitches in my peachy arse- Obsessed with Alignment, the Universe, Self-Love, my Higherself, Magic and Love- Chase fun, love and satisfaction over ANYTHING- Bullsh!t meter is already at max- Very impulsive and not very good at being a human- Found my love on Linky- Unconditionally living and loving....It's hard but FREEDOM - Can talk for days but swears like a fvking sailor- Not good at following rulesWhat's your 10?
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October 01
Suffolk, UK
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